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World famous road course expands programming with legendary racing school

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Technician Training Program (TTP) Manager

Employment Type: Full Time

Simraceway https://simracewaydrivingschool.com/


Location: Turn 1, Sonoma Raceway, 29359 Arnold Drive Sonoma CA 95476

A. Overview:

The Technicians Training Program Manager (“TTP”) will work directly with leadership to evolve and relaunch our legacy technical training program - the Mechanics Training Program (“MTP”) for the next chapter of the Automotive industry. The MTP program has graduated over 2,500 mechanics to date. However, it’s next version - TTP - is expanding beyond the traditional scope of the program, which has largely focused on race car mechanical training. The new program will retain the race car mechanical training but expand to also include areas such as technical training for premium automotive streetcar equipment, Electric vehicles and Autonomous Vehicles (a particular focus). The program will also offer instruction on critical adjacent areas, such as advanced driving, training to become a driving instructor and general business management.

Graduates of the new program are likely to find themselves working for the best and the brightest brands in the future automotive and motorsport ecosystem. Including for own brands (Sears Point Racing Experience, T1 Club and Special Vehicle Operations) and those of our key partners, who are expanding aggressively over the next 3 years. This program is being specifically redesigned and expanded to meet this need.

The TTP Manager will be an essential Management position at Sears Point PDC. He or She will be responsible for leading the design and implementing of all aspects of the new program, working closely with two other new roles. It also holds opportunity to progress quickly to a director level role.

A qualified candidate should be self-motivated, of an entrepreneurial disposition, and have excellent

communication skills. The candidate must also be willing to accept new challenges, be able to complete

taskswith minimal direction (including independent study, to stay current with technology). The ideal candidate

will have previous training leadership / Instructor / Facilitator experience.

B. Reports to: Director of Operations / CEO

C. Classification: Full Time / Exempt

D. Strategic Job Functions

  • Create and implement the new TTP program as instructed by the DOO / CEO
  • Select and recruit applicants for admittance into the TTP program
  • Market the TTP program via outlets such as:
    • Social Media
    • Public Speaking
    • Motorsports networking
  • Understanding of instructional policies and student limitations as set forth by California State Standards.

E. Essential Job Functions:

  • Warmly greets and tours new applicants around the Sears Point facility when they arrive.
  • Handles all TTP inquiries (email requests, phone calls, social media messaging, etc.)
  • Is responsible for scheduling students daily activities.
  • Takes detailed notes regarding student’s needs and will adjust the TTP program as needed to ensure a proper learning environment.
  • Maintains a proper and safe learning environment for the students at all times.
  • Acts as liaison between student and vehicle technician(s) and/or other instructors / staff.
  • Ability to process student tuition costs and itemize any other billable expenses related to the TTP program.
  • Designs seminars and assignments for students around specific topics as requested by the DOO / CEO.
  • Orders and maintains all parts inventory associated with the TTP program.
  • Maintains logs of vehicle work completed by students for reference and accountability purposes.
  • Willingness to think outside of the box and implement new strategies as new requests / tasks are delivered.
  • Adheres to Emotive / Sears Point policies, procedures and practices.
  • Performs other duties as assigned/required.


F. Qualifications / Requirements:

  • A minimum of two years Automotive Instructor experience.
  • At least two years Managerial (personnel and fleet) experience as well as Two years automotive technician experience.
  • Current ASE Certified Master Technician.
  • Positive can-do attitude and innovative thinking.
  • Ability to prioritize and multitask.
  • Must be available to work 40+ hours and weekends when necessary
  • Demonstrated ability to work skillfully with highly technical diagnostic equipment, including: Scan Tools, Lab Scopes, DVOMs, Air Conditioning Recycling Equipment, Vibration Diagnostic Equipment, etc.
  • Advanced automotive systems diagnostic skills
  • Ability to maintain a team environment that promotes learning, motivation, and fellowship.
  • Maintain organization in an ever- changing environment.
  • Exhibit initiative, responsibility, and flexibility with regard to attitude, project, and personnel management.
  • Must be well spoken, able to communicate elegantly via the written word, and be of a professional appearance at all times.
  • Valid US Driver’s License.