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World famous road course expands programming with legendary racing school

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Karting Operation Manager

Employment Type: Full Time

Simraceway https://simracewaydrivingschool.com/


Location: Turn 1, Sonoma Raceway, 29359 Arnold Drive Sonoma CA 95476

A. Overview:

The Performance Karting Center at Sears Point is a dynamic portion of the core business. The Management position within this department requires a candidate who carries passion for business development alongside possessing a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

The Manager is responsible for the overall organization and operation of the operation including staff management as well as any other relatable trackside Experiencesat the Karting Center.

The Manager is particularly concerned with track operations / events  but should also contribute to a more enjoyable and efficient karting experience for all participants.

The main goal(s) for the Manager are to increase revenue, foot traffic, program quality, and operations efficiency, all while focusing on a larger goal at hand, which is to  further development of the Karting Center in all aspects.

B. Reports to:

Sr Director of Operations

C. Classification:

      Full Time Non-Exempt

D. Essential Job Functions:

        1. Organize and schedule  PKC staff to ensure an efficient and safe Trackside Operation
        2. Manage the PKC Technical team to ensure safe Kart preparation and program vehicle allocation.
        3. Manage  the PKC Driver Concierge Team to ensure all booking of Corporate and Karting Programs as well as making themselves available for  live chat interactions with customers
        4. Work  with Media and Marketing needs as they arise regarding the PKC
        5. Deliver  daily deposits in a timely manner to the Sr. Director of Operations
        6. Input data  regarding daily sales and metrics as required daily.
        7. Instruct customers on safe usage of the karts, kart track, paddock area and pit lane.
        8. Monitor  customers on the track, paddock area and pit lane.
        9. Maintain a high level of appearance regarding the facilities of the PKC.
        10. Assess the track surface condition and maintain a safe driving environment
        11. Communicate information / reports / etc. to direct upper management in a timely manner
        12. Works with premier clients (Racing series) and be  on-site for all major events to  manage  the contracts / trackside staff as needed throughout.
        13. Cashier; coordination of signing of waivers. File  all appropriate paperwork
        14. Any and all other duties as related to the above.

E. Additional Expectations

  1. Adheres to Emotive / Sears Point policies, procedures and practices
  2. Performs other duties as needed
  3. Maintain contact with key customers to solicit feedback and ensure high level of program satisfaction.
  4. Demonstrate leadership role among support staff as well as ability to productively interact with fellow company personnel.

F. Qualifications:

  1. High School Diploma or GED required, Associate/Bachelor degree preferred
  2. Must possess strong team leadership skills / abilities.
  3. Must be fluent with excel, word, google sheets, as well as be capable to adapt to new online systems once introduced.
  4. Must carry excellent organizational and communication skills
  5. Must posses a clean and Valid drivers License
  6. Has the ability to multi-task and establish onespriorities
  7. Must be able to maintain organization and be able to keep calm in an ever changing environment
  8. Exhibits initiative, responsibility and flexibility
  9. Handle multiple projects and details simultaneously: e.g. watching track sessions, pit lane, paddock area, and sign-ins at once.
  10. Excellent customer service, Interpersonal and presentation skills
  11. Assertive, outgoing, and friendly with a desire for fun while carrying a strong work ethic.
  12. Interest in motorsports a plus
  13. Must be available to work weekends / holidays
  14. Must have experience working with money, balancing out a cash register, etc -  ensuring that the cash count is accurate on a daily basis.
  15. Must be open to learning new procedures etc.