UPDATE: Skip Barber Racing School Returns to Sonoma Raceway

World famous road course expands programming with legendary racing school

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Kart Track Marshall

Employment Type: Full-Time or Part Time Non-Exempt

Simraceway https://simracewaydrivingschool.com/


Location: 29359 Arnold Drive Sonoma CA 95476




As Track Marshall you will be responsible for proactively marshalling of all kart track events, looking after karts, the racing circuit and providing exceptional customer service. The Track Marshal is responsible for the overall organization and operation of Open Practice at the Sears Point Karting Center. The Track Marshall is particularly concerned with issues involving safety and the enforcement of the rules, but should also contribute to a more enjoyable and efficient karting experience for all participants.


Reports to:

Kart Operations Manager



Part Time Non-Exempt


Essential Job Functions:

  1. Instructing customers on safe usage of the karts, kart track, paddock area and pit lane.
  2. Supervising/monitoring customers on the track, paddock area and pit lane.
  3. Getting karts prepared in the morning for each kart event; opening track on time for public.
  4. Operate track equipment; check safety and conditions of the track; safety of truck – debris, tires, etc; assist drivers and maintain the track, karts and the venue as directed.
  5. Observe and supervise all on-track driving session
  6. Communicate and enforce all rules and regulations
  7. Collect payment and waiver signatures from customers prior to entering track
  8. Assess the track surface condition and maintain a safe driving environment
  9. Observe competitors for driving behavior and their karts' mechanical condition
  10. Assist drivers that break down or are involved in an accident
  11. Provide course information to drivers with racing flags and signals
  12. Ensure that all required equipment (fire extinguisher, brooms, oil dry) and vehicles (kart retrieval atv with trailer) are in place and ready to respond to an incident at a moment’s notice
  13. Communicate information to Sears Point management in a timely manner
  14. Cashier; coordination of signing of waivers.

Additional Expectations

  1. Adheres to Emotive / Sears Point policies, procedures and practices
  2. Performs other duties as assigned/required
  3. Maintain contact with key customers to solicit feedback and ensure high level of program satisfaction.
  4. Demonstrate leadership role among support staff as well as ability to productively interact with fellow company personnel.



  1. High School Diploma or GED
  2. Basic Mechanic Skills
  3. Basic Computer Skills
  4. Thorough knowledge of kart classes, categories, and technical specifications
  5. Excellent organization and communication skills
  6. Clean and Valid License
  7. Multi-task and establish priorities
  8. Maintain organization in a changing environment
  9. Exhibits initiative, responsibility and flexibility
  10. Handle multiple projects and details simultaneously: e.g. watching track sessions, pit lane, paddock area, and sign-ins at once.
  11. Excellent customer service, Interpersonal and presentation skills
  12. Assertive, outgoing, and friendly with a desire for fun and a strong work ethic
  13. Interest in motorsports
  14. Must be available to work weekends
  15. Must have experience balancing out a cash register; opens and closes registers according to company policies, ensuring that the cash count is accurate