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World famous road course expands programming with legendary racing school

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Fleet Coordinator

Employment Type: Full Time Non-Exempt

Simraceway https://simracewaydrivingschool.com/


Location: 29395 Arnold Dr Sonoma CA 95476




As Fleet Coordinator you will be responsible for the coordination of Sears Point’s fleet of sports cars and support vehicles

Reports to:

Team Manager


Full Time Non-Exempt


Essential Job Functions:

  1. All Sears Point OEM vehicle maintenance shall be performed in accordance with guidelines prescribed by manufacturers.
  2. Coordinating vehicles needing repair / servicing. Arranging for onsite fix or transportation to dealership depending on vehicle condition
  3. Ensuring meticulous logs of all cars based (vehicle list, overall condition of vehicles, issue list, repair history, fuel logs, mileage logs, tire averages etc)
  4. Ordering spare parts, tires and supplies and keeping purchase logs
  5. Creating POs pertaining the fleet where necessary to be signed off by program directors
  6. Overall vehicle logistics and transportation, including assist in finding space for storage of fleet during major Sonoma Raceway events to ensure fleet is secure either off-site or onsite (parking, vehicle storage, transportation).
  7. Liaising with Sears Point’s race shop to find space for vehicles both parties and ensuring smooth day-to-day operations for both programs to run parallel.
  8. Vehicle livery – finding vendor, obtaining quotes, production and install
  9. Coordinating with vendors for any repairs or other services
  10. Coordinating staffing requirements and scheduling needs


Event days:

  1. Vehicle coordination for all McLaren and other potential manufacturer events – ensuring enough cars are prepped for events and briefing tech team on requirements for each event
  2. Coordinating tech team resources to be able to maintain optimal staffing levels and hours worked to reduce overtime
  3. Assisting the lead instructor with creating an accident report should an accident occur with any of the fleet cars
  4. General assistance with running of events as and when required (e.g. large corporate events with more specific requirements)
  5. Preparation of vehicles the day before the program (detailing-interior and exterior).  Cars should be staged “dealership style“ specific to program days on the morning of event.
  6. Vehicles need to be placed in required areas throughout program days based on curriculum.
  7. Ensuring that engines have been properly warmed before track time during an event
  8. Daily checks (tire pressures, wheel lug torque, all fluid levels, QC)
  9. Tend to tire changing and brake servicing/pad changing needs during and post event.
  10. Fueling of vehicles during short breaks/lunch breaks during program.
  11. Generally assisting instructors in all matters pertaining to the fleet.
  12. Drinks stations & pop-up tents positioning on track/paddock.

Additional Expectations

  1. Additional duties & tasks as requested
  2. Adheres to Emotive /Sears Point policies, procedures and practices
  3. Performs other duties as assigned/required



  1. High School Diploma or GED
  2. Basic Mechanic Skills
  3. Basic Computer Skills
  4. Clean and Valid License
  5. Multi-task and establish priorities
  6. Maintain organization in a changing environment
  7. Exhibits initiative, responsibility and flexibility
  8. Handle multiple projects and details simultaneously