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Group Events

Group Events

You could host another faceless group event…
Or You could dare to be different!


$195 pp

Karts are not just for kids. Enjoy the thrills and speed of 60+mph Racing karts . Imagine driving a 16 turn road course skimming just 1 inch off the ground. The sensation of speed is simply awesome. Karts offer fantastic “Bang for you Buck” as they say and are easy for anyone to drive. All karts are automatic and can accomodate a large variety of different sized people and abilities.

Min # of People: 8
Time: 2 hours
Car: 60+mph Racing karts

KTM 3 Hour

$795 pp

Dip your toes in the exotic world of KTM Xbow. Great for groups that don’t have a full day. 3 hour experience will allow you to experience thr Xbow on coned Autocross and then to the track for lead follow track lapping session on the 2.5 mile road course. Comfort with Manual transmission is a prerequisite.

Min # of People: 6
Time: 3 hours
Car: KTM Xbow

KTM Full Day

$2095 pp

Spend a full day in the Awseome KTM Xbow doing car control exercises and then culminating in exciting track lapping sessions. 1st half of the day is spent mastering the car control in 3 different exercises in the amazingly capable KTM Xbow. Second half of the day you get to put those new founded skills to test on the racetrack.

Participants: 6
Time: 6 hours
Car: KTM Xbow