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Programs – Formula 3 Racing School



The most popular class of single-seater racing in the world, Formula 3, represents a vital stepping-stone for many IndyCar and Formula One racers and, having graduated drivers of the caliber of JR Hildebrand and Scott Speed, we can claim to have played an important role in that process.


Offering the most advanced fleet of school racing cars in the world, the lowest instructor-to-student ratio in the industry, a state-of-the-art facility, and a road course at Sonoma Raceway that forms part of the current IndyCar, NASCAR, and WTCC calendars, our Formula 3 Racing School is a proven destination in the California Bay Area for current and aspiring open-wheel racers, as well as motoring enthusiasts.

Lola SRW Formula 3 Racing School Car

Lola Simraceway Formula 3:

  • World’s most advanced racing school car
  • Meets 2007 FIA crash safety standards
  • Data acquisition systems on all cars

Knowledgeable, friendly staff:

  • Instructors current, professional racecar drivers
  • Cars maintained by a former F1 crew chief
  • Courses run by chief and senior instructors only

Ultimate training facility:

  • SCCA accredited—racing licenses available
  • Safety equipment provided, pro shop on-site
  • Classes offered year-round, rain or shine

Formula 3 Racing Experience

Half Day ($1,495)


For those who yearn for the thrill of speeding around a world-famous track in a state-of-the-art race car, our F3 Racing Experience is the emphatic, adrenaline-pumping answer. Whether you’re ticking an item off a bucket list or looking for an unbeatable gift idea, this half-day course has it all, dropping you into the cockpit of the ultimate single-seater training car on one of the most exciting road courses in the US.


After a brief introductory meeting, drivers will be fitted for their high performance race car and supplied with all the necessary equipment. Then, after a short briefing on cockpit procedures, it’s out onto the world-famous Sonoma Raceway in Sonoma California, where one of our expert instructors will be on hand to aid acclimatization. Finally, it’s time to open the throttle, with multiple lapping sessions around the 2.52-mile track at ever-increasing speeds.

Formula 3 Racing School, Stage 1

Two Days ($4,250)

Stage 1 of our Formula 3 Racing School offers two days of progressive instruction, culminating in open lapping of the world-famous Sonoma Raceway in cars capable of incredible performance.


Day one begins with ground school, where you’ll learn the operations of the Lola Simraceway Formula 3, and all-important acceleration, threshold braking, and downshifting techniques. Then it’s into the classroom for an in-depth look at the complex theories of chassis dynamics, before using a dynamic skid pad to explore the boundaries of grip, chassis manipulation, and driver sensitivity to feedback and control techniques. The first day ends with an instructor-led lapping session as participants begin to acclimatize themselves to the challenging Sonoma Raceway.


Day two opens with more driver technique training lessons on both track and skid pad, as participants learn how to control the car at the limit of adhesion. Then, after an important class covering open lapping and the rules of the road, it’s time to take all those new skills onto the track in two adrenaline-pumping sessions.

Formula 3 Racing School, Stage 2

Two Days ($4,995)


After a brief look back at the techniques learned in the first stage, Stage 2 opens with a deeper exploration of the art of driving a fully-fledged aerodynamic single-seater, with particular emphasis on corner entry, exit speed maximization, and the benefits of balancing aero downforce characteristics appropriately. Open-lapping sessions will then allow drivers to translate what they’ve learned into faster times on the track, with high-tech data analysis techniques highlighting errors and improving performances even further. The arts of passing and race craft will also be practiced during Stage 2, ensuring that by the end of the second day, participants are sufficiently qualified to apply for an SCCA Racing License.

Formula 3 Racing School, Stage 3

Two Days ($5,995)

The emphasis in Stage 3 is placed firmly on track time, with high-level driving drills, covering both the complex art of brake release into a corner and high-speed aerodynamic-aided braking, starting each morning off. Three track sessions each day, all utilizing data downloads and real-time feedback from instructors via in-car radio communication, will then provide drivers with ample opportunity to hone all the skills they’ve learned. This stage will dig deep into the detail, pushing hard to extract the very best from participants and taking them to a serious level of competency in the extremely-capable Lola Simraceway Formula 3.

Formula 3 Racing School, Driver Development Course

One Day ($5,995)

All sportsmen need help in taking their abilities to the next level and, thanks to its highly-qualified instructors and state-of-the-art equipment, the Simraceway Performance Driving Center has forged a reputation for making that happen. Aimed at racers and experienced Formula 3 Racing School graduates, this intense, one-day course is designed to optimize the already-proven talents of participants.


With its one-on-one instruction and cutting-edge training tools, some of the world’s best drivers have already benefited from this advanced program, which offers a unique opportunity to explore Sonoma Raceway at full racing speeds and downforce levels and allows drivers to perfect the fine details that can make all the difference on race day.

Mon 22

Teen Safe Driver Program

August 22 @ 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Sep 25

Teen Safe Driver Program

September 25 @ 8:00 am - 4:00 pm